Jenni Kate Baros

“It is a small thing to light a match. It is an even smaller thing to let it go.”


Jenni Kate is the editor of the literary journal, El Portal, where her stories were published before helming the publication. Dime Show Review also gave one of her stories a home. As an M.A. candidate at Eastern New Mexico University, Jenni Kate studies creative writing and literature while teaching Composition courses that focus on knowing your own story and reasoning through the stories of others.


Rather apropos, Jenni Kate’s poetry can be found in The Hole in the Head Review’s inaugural issue, West Trade Review, and Riza Press’s #ProjectHealthyLove. Her chapbook, re/integration, was a Cathexis Northwest Press finalist.


During her studies at Denver Seminary, Jenni Kate focused on Christian Theology with an emphasis on Spiritual Formation and Egalitarianism. She has served as a teaching pastor, women’s ministry leader, youth pastor, elder, recovery group facilitator, and small group mentor. A philosophical apologist, her passion is tearing down boundaries that keep people from experiencing the love of Christ.

I build and rebuild

the same fire every night

while your socks


on the line

Jenni kate Baros, Winter

Jenni Kate is an avid fourteener-summiter, Scuba diver, and alpine skier who’s lived in Alaska, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. These days, she makes her home on the plains outside of Denver, Colorado, along with her spouse, teen-aged children, and 2 obstinate, silver Labradors.            

Having worked in the marketing, education, and psychology fields serving international corporations, government entities, communities, non-profit organizations, and private individuals, Jenni Kate’s passion remains ensuring that every person feels heard and every story finds a home.


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  • jennifer.baros@enmu.edu
  • ladyjargyll@gmail.com
  • attn: editor el.portal@enmu.edu

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